But Fortnite items there are also other

  •  There are the usual, more routine ones to perform, but Fortnite items there are also other people --such as the Greasy Grove treasure map--that points to a
    location you might need some help locating. You will also require the collaboration of different players to do some dancing, so
    call some pals. Here is where to find all the Week 5 challenges and how to compete .

    First up is your Hard-difficulty challenge to follow the treasure map located in Greasy Grove. You can visit Greasy Grove and
    track down the map to start this; alternatively, as with past instances of the type of challenge, you can really head right to
    where the treasure itself expects. This is a bit trickier to find than many --it's on the exterior wall of a structure only
    northeast of Snobby Shores. Just land onto the slanted roof or build your way up and you're going to have the ability to collect
    the Battle Pass icon.

    What isn't tagged as Difficult but could be quite difficult is the Fortnite materials challenge asking you to dance with others to raise the Disco
    Ball near Loot Lake. The ball itself is located in the northernmost of the three structures which line the western shore of this