Runescape is turning 15, gets updates to celebrate

  • Despite the disease, the judge ruled that Mudd, now 20, would serve out a 2 year sentence in the young offender institution, saying "“I use a duty on the public who're worried about RuneScape Gold this, threatened from this, damaged by this each of the time."

    Runescape is much older than I was when I got sucked into its grinding, low-res innards. Those were the days—polygons the size within your fist and hours lost yelling about rune kite shields by Falador bank. As I be aware of it, situations are prettier right now and there can be a sky, together with modern MMO trappings like raids. I don't know where these crazy kids manage to get thier ideas, but Runescape's stamina is undeniable: it turns 15 next year along with a raft of updates is announced to celebrate.

    The founders of Runescape, Andrew and Paul Gower will probably be returning to Buy OSRS Gold create a quest with the occasion, hopefully appearing in springtime, and Invention—a fresh skill!—will permit you to customise weapons and armour. The biggest news must surely be another round of graphical updates in order to hide some on the old girl's liver spots.