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  • He and his gang members wore armour which was fashioned from mouldboards, which were the curved osrs gold boards/ metal plates of a farmer's plough or cultivator. Finishing touches to the armour and helmets were made with pieces of leather and iron bolts. (MORE)What age did Ned Kelly become a bushranger?

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    Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous bushranger, was quite young when he turned to crime. He was twelve when his father died, and he was subsequently required to leave school to take on the new position as head of the family. Shortly after this, the Kellys moved to Glenrowan. Kelly was apprenticed to notorious Victorian bushranger Harry Power at age 15. Power took him on and taught him the finer points of bushranging. (MORE)

    Why did Ned Kelly start the Kelly gang?and teaching him the finer points of bushranging. Ned Kelly gradually progressed to crimes of increasing seriousness and violence, including bank robbery and murder, soon becoming a hunted man. (MORE)Why is Ned Kelly the most famous Australian bushranger?

    Ned Kelly started the "Kelly Gang" because he felt that the poor needed something more. So, Ned stole from the rich and gave to the poor, acting like a transition program. He stole no money from himself. After years of stealing, there was one big war. Few years after, Ned's crimes caught up to him and he was hung.

    The above is a completely contrived answer, with absolutely no truth. To begin with, Ned Kelly did not steal from the rich and give to the poor. He stole from whomever he wanted, and kept it all for himself, apart from giving some to his own immediate family. There was no war. His mates did not shoot each other. Ned Kelly did have a "beef" against the law,

    and this is why he started bushranging, and recruited family and friends as his gang. The story goes that Ned Kelly was influenced to become a bushranger. His family was not particularly liked by the law, and so when he was persecuted by a few of the policemen, he reacted and decided to become an outlaw. He figured that if he was going to be charged for something,

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