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  • our team around the first choke and fight on the point which we struggled to get at first but managed to Buy Cheap Deadman Spring Season Gold do it. 2nd point was more of a struggle as they had serious spawn advantage and the beefy GOATS comp but we managed. Their turn on attack. They absolutely demolished us. I died fairly quick and by the time I respawned they had all 6 players on the point and had pretty much capped it. Same goes for the second point.

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    On defence we held up pretty well as I switched to Zarya who I fairly comfortable with. Our team wasnt well coordinated but managed to keep them at bay until the very last round where we managed to keep them off point until it was a draw. So what I saying is, yes, a GOATS counter would be amazing guide to have. I read Zen/Ana/Orisa would be good but I only low Plat so I don know too much about which heroes go well together.

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