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  • You can argue that they didn update the segment of the banner that leak Isaac is in because it had runescape gold for sale Isaac originally, but the height and stuff has nothing to do with it. 44 points submitted 10 days ago And Reddit, 4chan, twitter, all these websites and ppl are diligently and over analyzing EVERYTHING they can find and no one has really found anything.

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    I still lean towards grinch leak being real, but this particular piece of evidence can be used in support of it. The banner on the smash site is comprised of multiple images, and after the direct they only updated hero03 (the one Isabelle was in) and hero04 (the one to the right of Isabelle, to reflect Pikachu new position) to reflect the updated mural. They forgot to update hero02, which meant Olimar and Little Mac ended getting cropped since they also moved positions to make room for Isabelle.

    Guy gals I think the Grinch leak is as confirmed as far as leaks go until the next direct cements it. Grinch leak has way too many positive things stacked up in the truth court, while the fake court is running out of speculation resources. I mean the leak has been out for like 5 days now and it caused so much controversy gaming informers like GameExplain, JTP, etc are clamming up on the idea and keeping silent other than the obligatory "It fake."

    We all know about the suspicions surrounding the photo itself, Eric, Printing company, having access to confidential material, etc. But the fact that it still in the air along with: All of the Grinch leak characters have had there trademarks renewed THIS year around the SAME time, all companies do this but it fishy, along with Golden Sun getting renewed a year or 2 in advance I believe.

    Sakurai straight up said in an article after K. Rool reveal that the ballot directly influenced the newcomers in Ultimate and boy does it show. And Inkling, Isabelle Simon are VERY popular characters that did well in ballot I sure, with Inkling getting a costume in Smash 4. Plus not to mention with everything he revealed so far,

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