What's Fortnite Outlander and What Can They Do

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    Outlander is amongst the four primary classes in Save the World, with 18 sub classes, which includes 3 mythical Outlanders. They specialize in utilizing sharp-shooting bears, deadly shock towers, flying punches, along with the ability to warp around the field.


    Fortnite Outlander Guide


    Outlanders can harvest sources more quickly and have chances to have double loot. Utilizing Charge Fragments and Llama Fragments, and with excellent Fortnite Items, we are able to either deal a lot more damage or aid resupply the group with resources. 


    NO.1 Here are the abilities of the Fortnite Outlander:



    TEDDY - On the list of Outlander's abilities, a giant metal bear is deployed on the battlefield who shoots enemies inside range for 15 seconds. He will not ignite propane tanks, if they explode your bear is just not at fault. He will not shoot husks guarded by Shielder husks till they get close adequate for TEDDY to be within the dome with the shield. Various Outlanders can buff TEDDY by either increases his variety or damage. Collecting Charge Fragments will reduce the cool-down time and energy price.


    Shock Tower - Yet another strong ability that is utilized by some Outlanders that deploys a tiny tower for 3 seconds that shocks enemies and stuns them. They're fantastic for swarms of husks and can instantaneously kill Shielder husks. Just like the TEDDY, it may be buffed by specific Outlanders by growing its duration and damage. Just like TEDDY's, collecting Charge Fragments will lower the power cost and cool-down time.


    Seismic Impact - An ability limited to 2 of the mythic Outlanders. Punch the ground causing a shockwave to travel directly in front of you.


    Llamas - A treat for everyone! When an Outlander picks up a Llama Fragment, they will deploy a loot llama. With every hit, a random resource is dropped out, if it can be absolutely destroyed, an ore from that area is usually obtained (Copper, Silver, Malachite, etc). They are able to also be buffed to raise sources, drop ammo, and double the ore.


    Anti-Material Charge - A flying charge made use of by some Outlanders than might be used to either instantly destroy cars/walls/trees and quickly gather sources from them. As with other abilities, specific Outlanders can buff this capacity with either increased harm or increased distance. NOTE A lot of individuals have this misconception that it is only made use of for farming supplies. Think of it as a "poor man's Dragon Slash", it is excellent for knocking down Riot Husks, leaving them vulnerable for attacking. It can also kill modest groups of husks and can stagger bigger husks. Don't hesitate to use this potential to acquire your self out of trouble when you're surrounded by husks


    Phase Shift - allows you to immediately warp a number of feet away. Might be used to jump a gap, get out of danger, or even used to save your self from taking fall harm (use it just before you decide to land and you can fall from the highest point and also you will not take any damage!). As with other abilities, some Outlanders can buff their phase shift with quantity of makes use of and even the ability to clear debuffs!


    Focused Acquisition - A passive capability that just about every Outlander has that increases opportunity to find double loot by 6%.


    In the Zone - A passive capability that each and every Outlander has, following five consecutive hits of our pickaxe, we get a buff to the damage it does by 24%. Which means you can farm that much more rapidly!


    Keen Eyes - A passive ability. While you are "In the Zone", you get the capability to "see by means of walls" to view treasure chests. You will be capable of see a shimmering glow where chests and ammo crates are, despite becoming behind walls.

    NO.2 What you should remember if you are working with outlanders


    • So becoming an Outlander isn't for you, what are you able to do to help?
    • In case you come across a Charge/Llama Fragment machine, go ahead and activate it. It'll give you a short-term enhance in movement speed and mark it on the minimap for the Outlander so they are able to collect it.
    • If an Outlander comes as much as you and drops a llama close to you, go ahead and assist them destroy it, probabilities are that they cannot destroy it by themselves. Depending on the circumstance, they may leave all of the supplies on the ground for you personally. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T BE A JERK AND STEAL ALL THE MATS WITHOUT HELPING, ESPECIALLY THE ORE! "But I helped them destroy the llama, if it wasn't for me, they wouldn't even have it!" If they choose to give it to you, that's great, but personally, I'll take the initial 1, but any sequential llamas that I gather, I'll offer up the ore to the team. The Soldier ability "Going Commando" may be made use of to instantaneously destroy the llama!