Grinding wheel product features


    high quality cutting disc supplier

    Abrasive characteristics 1. It can be used for good grinding and cutting efficiency without filling. 2, moderate flexibility can be applied to the grinding and cutting operations of curved work. 3. At the same time of work, the burrs of the working surface are removed, and the working surface is smoothed. 4, with air cooling effect, can significantly avoid the phenomenon of heating and burning on the working surface. 5, safe, sharp, wear-resistant, no heat, no burning, power saving, labor saving, time-saving, high efficiency and economical and practical 6, to meet the customer's requirements for non-standard, can be customized according to the customer's drawings or samples of various non-standard Granular material that acts as a cutting aid in grinding, grinding and polishing. Abrasives are mainly used in the manufacture of abrasive tools and can also be used directly in certain grinding and polishing operations. The high quality cutting disc supplier should have the following basic properties: 1 higher hardness, generally higher than the material to be processed; 2 Appropriate strength, when the abrasive cutting edge is sharp, it can withstand the cutting force without breaking. When the cutting edge is blunt to a certain extent, it can be partially broken to reveal a new sharp edge; 3 high-temperature stability, maintaining its inherent hardness and strength at the grinding temperature; 4 chemically inert, it is not easy to produce a chemical reaction with the material being processed. These properties are related to the chemical composition of the abrasive, the mineral composition, the crystalline morphology and the integrity of the crystal.