Domestic cutting disk development trend

  • After years of continuous innovation, and domestic manufacturers continue to introduce advanced foreign technology, the high quality cutting disc supplier process has gradually formed a development trend of its own. The use of diamond cutting discs is an indispensable process in chip manufacturing. The silicon wafer is processed by an ultra-thin diamond cutting disk. At present, the process of using diamond cutting discs in China mainly uses thermosetting resin represented by phenolic resin. The fixed-line process of the grinding wheel is realized by a curing furnace with heating up to several hundred. This energy-consuming and time-consuming manufacturing process are high. The production costs are high. According to the research of relevant departments, the whiskers of the cutting disc not only have excellent mechanical properties but also have various special properties. As a reinforcing component of polymer materials, it can greatly improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance and resistance of the matrix materials. Grindability, corrosion resistance, etc. Since the cutting disc itself has a slim structure and high strength and high modulus, it can be uniformly dispersed and acts as a skeleton. In the production of cutting discs, the addition of whiskers in addition to the general inorganic filler to reduce the shrinkage rate, but also due to the fibrous filler can produce a certain deformation when the force, so that the stress is easy to relax, eliminate the interface stress concentration and residual stress, reduce Internal stress of small products.