Talking about the use of cutting pieces

  • 6 inch es cutting disc

    The cut piece is a grinding cutting tool which is a porous object made up of many fine and hard abrasive grains and a bonding agent. The abrasive particles are directly responsible for the cutting work and must be sharp and have high hardness, heat resistance, and a certain toughness. Commonly used abrasives are alumina (also known as corundum) and silicon carbide. Alumina abrasives have high hardness and good toughness and are suitable for grinding steel. Silicon carbide abrasives are harder, sharper, and have a better thermal conductivity, but are brittle and suitable for grinding cast iron and hard alloys. Due to the different thickness of the cut piece of the same abrasive, the surface roughness and processing efficiency of the workpiece after processing are different. The coarse abrasive grain is used for rough grinding, the fine abrasive grain is suitable for fine grinding, the coarser the abrasive is, the finer the grain size is. small. The binder acts to bond the abrasive. Ceramic binders are commonly used, followed by resin binders. Different binder materials affect the corrosion resistance, strength, heat resistance and toughness of the cut sheets. The harder the abrasive grain bond is, the less likely it is to fall off the cut piece. The hardness of the cut piece, that is, the hardness of the cut piece refers to the ease with which the abrasive grain on the surface of the cut piece falls off under external force. Easy to fall off is called soft, otherwise, it is called hard. The hardness of the cut piece and the hardness of the abrasive are two different concepts. The surface of the workpiece to be ground is soft, and the edge (edge) of the abrasive grain is not easy to wear, so that the abrasive can be used for a longer period of time, that is, the cutting piece with a firm bond can be selected (higher hardness cutting) Slice). Conversely, a low-hardness 6 inch es cutting disc is suitable for grinding a workpiece having a high hardness. The cutting piece works under high-speed conditions. In order to ensure safety, it should be inspected before installation, and there should be no defects such as cracks. In order to make the cutting piece work smoothly, the dynamic balance test should be carried out before use. After the cutting piece has been working for a certain period of time, the surface gap will be blocked by the grinding debris, the sharp angle of the abrasive will be blunt, and the original geometry will be distorted. It must, therefore, be trimmed to restore cutting power and the correct geometry. The cut piece needs to be trimmed with a diamond pen. The cutting piece is prone to cause a safety accident, especially a sheet, during the application process. The flatness of the cutting piece is poor, the structure of the cutting piece is uneven, the hardness of the cutting piece is high, and the resin of the cutting piece lacks toughness. When the flatness of the cutting piece is poor, the cutting surface is curved. As the cutting depth increases, the aluminum flat cutting disc is subjected to lateral stress increase. When the round trip is repeated, the cutting piece will be cracked and cause "soft film", which will be broken when continued to use. The cut sheet is a round-shaped fixed abrasive having a through a hole in the center made of an abrasive and a binder resin or the like. The cutting piece is the largest amount and the most widely used one. It can be coarsely ground or semi-finished on the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metal workpieces. And fine grinding as well as grooving and cutting. Jinlida is one of the largest manufacturers of resin cutting sheets in China. The factory introduces Japan's advanced production technology, specializing in the production of fiber reinforced resin flat cutting blades, 钹 type cutting blades. Products are widely used in automotive, marine, machine building, petroleum, chemical, construction, and other sectors, is the most efficient grinding and cutting tools for metal and non-metallic materials. The factory has strong technical force, rich production experience, sound quality assurance system, and has the most advanced production equipment and testing instruments.