How to polish stone in household resin EN12413 cutting discs


    resin EN12413 cutting discs

    In the processing of jade and stone processing, the cutting disc is often used. Let's introduce the precautions about the use of the resin EN12413 cutting discs in jade.In the process of jade processing, there are many processes and steps. Jade polishing is a process at the end. It is also an important process. We can see that the jade gloss is even and smooth, crystal clear, and it is mostly polished. It can be said that polishing determines the jade. Visual effects. If you buy a stone that has not been finely processed, you can also simply polish it in your home polishing sand. 1. Polish the stone with a polishing powder + a small sander (or you can also manually polish it with fine sandpaper). For the more delicate jade, it is more suitable to use manual slow and meticulous grinding. 2. For the stone that has been processed, the leather of the animal can be used for polishing. That is to say, the constant spin of the skin against the jade, you can see the effect after a long time. 3, you can also pour the polishing powder into the water, stir into a paste on the surface of the stone, and then use leather to polish. Leather can be cut into strips for easy sanding. 4, if you are not in a hurry, you can also use your own skin (palm, arm, etc.) to polish, if the surface is not smooth, do not do this, afraid that it will not take a hand. Regarding the polishing technology in the jade carving industry, according to the different polishing processes, organic throwing and hand throwing, these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, hand throwing is often exquisite workmanship, uniform gloss, and some details can be handled better. Therefore, when purchasing, the quality of jade thrown by hand is better. The above is how to polish the stone in the home polishing sand, I hope to help everyone. With the improvement of people's living standards, many people grind and polish the floor of new houses. Polished sand polishing stone is an important process in stone care today. It is different from stone polishing in the traditional sense. Let's take a look at the steps to polish the stone to enhance the luminosity. 1. Choose a good polishing material; 2. When polishing and polishing, each abrasive or abrasive sheet should be carefully inspected and polished after polishing. After the grinding, the latter should cover up the traces produced by the previous abrasive. 3, polishing and polishing should pay attention to the control of the amount of water, the lack of water is easy to cause the surface to burn; 4. When polishing and polishing, try to lengthen along the direction of the line, as long as possible, so as to avoid the generation of ripples; 5, the speed of polishing should be fast; 6, using high-speed grinding and polishing power tools; In this way, the stone is polished and polished, and the stone wave after polishing with sand is reduced, and the brightness is increased. However, in the process of polishing and polishing the stone, if it is necessary to process a large number of lines to polish and polish, it is necessary to use a forming knife, which can reduce the amount of rough grinding work, and ensure that the line is rough and has good quality and good shape consistency.