The six application advantages of the grinding wheel


    Due to its unique nature, the 14 inches cutting disc has been increasing in use in recent years. Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to understand its role. 1) Decontamination of stainless steel surface, removal of welding slag and matt effect, 2) Iron workpieces are rusted, decontaminated, descaled, and the coating and coating adhesion are increased. 3) Deoxidation of the aluminum workpiece, surface strengthening, glazing, 4) The copper workpiece is deoxidized and matt, 5) Glassware crystal frosted, engraved pattern, 6) Plastic products (hardwood products) Matte effect, denim, and other special fabrics, plush processing and effect patterns. As a professional grinding wheel manufacturer, our company can also customize all kinds of polishing diamond abrasive materials according to the user's technical process and according to the user's requirements. For example, the automobile manufacturer and the grinding and rust removing grinding wheel on the surface of the shipyard. Grinding wheel storage precautions The grinding wheel is a special kind of abrasive product, which may not be noticed by everyone. In fact, it is still used in our lives. Some metal surfaces such as iron and copper form rust stains. Sand rust removal method, most of the blasting used here is the flat abrasive cutting disc product, what should it pay attention to during its storage? 1. Note that the location where it is placed needs to be cool, dry and ventilated. 2, the package should be stored on the wooden frame, should not touch the ground, the storage period of all resin, semi-resin, and water resistant products should not be too long, generally should not exceed one year, otherwise, it will become brittle and deteriorate. 3, can not be placed in a humid place, avoid direct sunlight, this can ensure that our products maintain good performance, is conducive to the production. 4, before use, it is not advisable to open the box too early, open the package, with the use to ensure product quality. Grinding wheel is a kind of better abrasive. It is very important in our production. It removes the rust on the surface of our iron products and restores the original appearance of the surface. It is a kind of abrasive that is worth using, so we are storing it. Pay attention to it.