Introduction to the grinding wheel cutting piece

  • Introduction to the grinding wheel cutting piece For the grinding wheel cutting piece, some people may not know much about him. However, it has many applications in our life. The thin flat cutting disc is the most used and the most widely used one. It can be rotated at high speed during use. Or the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of non-metallic workpieces, such as rough grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding, and slotting and cutting. Therefore, the following Henan abrasive abrasives suppliers are introduced to you. What are the knowledge of the grinding wheel cutting piece? According to the materials used, the grinding wheel can be divided into: resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel, etc.; cutting piece can also be divided into: resin cutting piece, diamond cutting piece. Usually the common method is based on the purpose: grinder grinding wheel, Grinding wheel, sawtooth grinding wheel, slotted grinding wheel, worm grinding wheel, internal grinding wheel, etc.; cutting piece also includes: tile cutting piece, marble cutting piece, stainless steel cutting piece, track cutting piece, road cutting piece, etc. Cutting sheets are of great help to the large machinery industry, such as the cutting of steel pipes. If there is no cutting piece, there is no way to cut it. Characteristics and application of resin abrasives When it comes to the characteristics and application of resin abrasives, let's talk about the resin. In fact, the resin is a polymer compound with certain toughness and elastic deformation, which can buffer the grinding pressure, so the grinding effect is good and good. The polishing effect can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece. With the emergence of new resins, resin grinding tools of various strengths and properties can be made, which can be used for rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi-finishing, fine grinding, Polishing and other abrasive tools. Resin abrasives are used in a wide range of applications. Among them, grinding wheels are mainly used in the steel industry, grinding ingots, billets, steel plates and surface cleaning of various castings. From the production point of view, it is in various resin grinding. The first position of the standard cut off wheel for metal is developed on the basis of the common cutting piece according to the grinding process requirements. The speed is 70-80M/S, which has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, good impact resistance and bending resistance. High-speed grinding discs are widely used in the grinding of welds in metallurgy, chemical, shipbuilding and other mechanical processing industries, cleaning of casting burrs and metal surfaces. The above is introduced today.