What are the characteristics of the grinding wheel?

  • Abrasive grains: Common abrasive grains are corundum and silicon carbide. Corundum is suitable for thin abrasive cutting disc for metal and general tools. Black silicon carbide is used for grinding cast iron parts, and green silicon carbide is used for grinding hard alloys. Particle size: the size of the abrasive particles. The larger the particle size number, the smaller the particle size. Coarse particles are used for roughing and fine particles are used for finishing. Bonding agent: used as a ceramic binder, a resin binder, a rubber binder, a metal binder, and the like for the junction abrasive. Hardness: Softer grinding discs should be used for grinding harder materials, and harder grinding discs should be used for grinding softer materials. The harder the abrasive grains on the grinding wheel, the higher the hardness of the grinding wheel. There are many characteristics about the grinding wheel, and the shape and size are all of its characteristics. To help you specifically summarize and analyze its four main characteristics and the conditions, equipment and occasions used, according to the specific characteristics, select the right and appropriate grinding wheel, "the right medicine" to achieve the best results, bring the highest efficiency . I believe that everyone in the industry knows that the grinding wheel has been used for a long time. When grinding, a lot of debris will be generated. A large part of them will stick to the surface of the grinding wheel. It is difficult to clean, and the material of the raw materials is different when grinding. The effect is different. Therefore, the cleaning of the grinding wheel has always been a headache for all major users. So how do you properly handle the cleaning wheel? With a wealth of business experience, we bring you the coup to clean the grinding wheel. Generally, the grinding wheel will be removed after 5 to 7 days of use. How to clean it? First, you should use the diamond pen and the grinding wheel to finish the dressing, and then wash it after soaking with the solvent gasoline No. 200. Special utensils can be used for cleaning to prevent contamination. After reading the cleaning method introduced, is it that it is very simple to clean the standard cut off wheel for metal in an instant? In fact, the cleaning of the grinding wheel is not as difficult as you think, as long as you can't do it with your heart.