Path of Exile is delayed for PlayStation 4

  • The Path of Exile gaming studio Thundering Geargames has announced that the game will not be available for PlayStation 4 in December.

    With the approval of the Diablo mobile version of the game, the Path of Exile game had the opportunity to Buy POE Currency attract fans of adventure games with isometric camera in December. However, it seems that the game has been delayed due to the team's misplaced planning.

    According to the latest game news, Path of Exile, the Grinding Gear Games studio, announced that the game will not be available for PlayStation 4 users in December. The team further said the reason for this delay was the calculation and misplacement of the time required to prepare the game during the busy Christmas time.

    The GrindingGrill Studios plans to complete the process for preparing the game in January to launch the Path of Exile in early February 2019 for PS4 users. During this time, the creator will work on the game and the frame rate to provide an inexperienced experience. The team has stated:

    We apologize to all users again for this problem. We promise that the Path of Exile will offer an excellent experience during its launch on PlayStation 4 early next year.

    The Path of Exile was first available to computer users in 2013, and will be released in 2017 for Xbox One. What do you think of zoomi users? Have you experienced Path of Exile? You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of cheap POE Currency online.