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  • If it has to do with ED, then fugeddaboutit as I don do them either as I one who really detests bosses (do rs 2007 fire cape them only in quests or dungeon floors i f I have to, and only do dungeon floors to get dungeoneering gold rocks since I maxed). Had ppl tell me I missing out on half the game, but, I p laying the game my way. At least I do slayer;

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    I know skillers who don even do combat and have conniption fits if they accidentally kill a level 1 spider in Lumby castle basement.but as stated elsewhere in this discussion, most of what you find on the news page for the year has been MTX (rinse lather repeat).Meanwhile, will be great on getting non combat ways to get animals, since there are certain spots where u can go on any world without finding someone with a cannon or oldak coil owning the spot.

    Feh. Like the time I had 10 rabbits I wanted to sell but no rabbit buyer in sight for 2 days, but my friend wanted to sell some chickens, but she couldn see the chicken buyer. Also, the sheep buyer was on sight for four days before I even bought my first sheep to raise, and the cattle buyer since the day after that and I haven even started one yet. AT the rate I "earning" pathetic paltry "beans" it be sometime in 2020 before i get there.

    Of course it optional. And I opted not to do it. I even froze all the "rewards" from th relating to it so I won get any of the junk they try to stick you with. TBH, if I complete any task on it, it be by accident. I tore up the farking card because I decided it was a joke. Heck, I tried to do the last one of these bingo card thingies and never completed the card even once.

    TRibal tasks? I thought this was supposed to be in and around Karamja? What this contributed to killing 250 evil trees I see, 15 mort shades (morytania), an occult dungeoneering floor, all freaking fired up, looting barrows (morytania), 50 zogre bones (feldip hills, not karamja!), harvest fellstalk (is there an herb patch on karamja? Don think so). Reaper assignment? Um,

    don these guys know what Karamja is or what its boundaries are? BTW, I managed to get a reaper task abt 2 months after they were added to game, by accident (I stopped in to see death and clicked him wrong). I still haven done it lol This is one of their bingo promotions I"m not going to even try to get even 1 iteration done. Last one (the facesless assassin) I tried but didn get 1 card complete,

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