The Final Fantasy XIV' hatching tide egg hunting guide: the lo

  • On Tuesday, Square Enix launched the annual Resurrection Day egg event in the final dream XIV, which hatched the tide. The event is a limited time event held from April 9th ​​to April 22nd. During the event, the player will complete three puzzle game missions, allowing the player to find hidden eggs in the game. After completing the mission, the player is able to unlock a set of Bento Spriggan armor. If you have started to stop the FFXIV in 2019, but you can't find every egg, we'll sort out a quick cheat guide to help you with each task and where each egg is actually cut.

    Happy hunting!

    'The Final Fantasy XIV' hatching eggs location: how to find each egg in the 2019 Rebirth Festival

    Task 1: Eggstreme Extrapolation

        This is the first task of the FFXIV Gil egg-hunting activity. To start this task, you need to go to Old Gridania (X:10.2, Y: 9.4). There, you will meet your pursuer Jihli Aliapoh.
        Go there, Jihli Aliapoh will inform you of her question and ask you to find Nonotta (X:11, Y:12) in the knot. And a conversation. Once you have done, the next mission, "A sheltered life" will be unlocked.
        You will also receive the first set of rewards: 3360 XP, 220 coins and Spriggan jacket

    Exploring stories

    Jihli Aliapoh is the founder of the annual Hatchery Festival. She is also very easy to have a vision. When you meet her, you will find that she has a prophetic fantasy, where she sees Riggy's spriggans hiding a delicately decorated egg. Jihli is convinced that things in her vision will directly affect her holiday victory, so she plans to re-do what she sees. She asked Riggy and Nonotta to hide eggs for her. Unfortunately for you, this is very difficult to find the eggs, because they have designed and drawn a series of difficult to understand clues, these clues are designed to guide you to each egg.

    Task 2: A Broken Egg - Egg Position 1

    Once you talk to Nonotta, she will dress you in special clothes and send you on the road. These are the steps you need to follow after completing this task and finding the first egg.

        Talk to three Spriggans - you will find them in one of the centers of New Gridania. Once you talk to them, they will give you more mysterious clues related to numbers 1, 2 and 3.
        Meet Jihli Aliapoh - where she will try to Final Fantasy XIV Gil decipher the clues on your map, but to no avail.
        Get your password from Nonotta - Shortly after meeting with Jiji, Nonotta will reveal the password you need to hide your eggs. The password is "egg hunting." You can enter these words in your chat as long as you are in a location where you can find the eggs. These words are required to be entered when interacting with a particular NPC.
        Egg Position 1: If you don't want to spend time trying to figure out which NPC is guarding your first egg, you can find it by visiting the Adventurer's Mother Miounne (X:11, Y:13)
        Send the egg to Nonotta - Once you have found the egg, simply send it to Nonatta to unlock your next mission - Deus Eggs Machina.
        You will also receive the following mission rewards: 3360 XP, 296 coins, 10 Magicked Prism

    Task 3: Deus Eggs Machina - Egg Position 2

        This task is similar to the previous one but asks the player to find and speak with five spriggans. They will give another set of mysterious clues
        Meet with Jihli Aliapoh to discuss new clues.
        Once again, you need to find the right NPC to maintain the second egg and say the "egg hunting" password in the chat to find it.
        Egg Position 2: If you are tired of rooting for the right NPC, you can talk to Babineaux in Central Shroud to find a second egg (X:27, Y:21)
        Send the eggs to Nonotta - Once you get the eggs, take them to Nonotta and Riggy at the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre.
        Upon completion of the mission, you will receive the following rewards: 3360 XP, 296 coins, Spriggan bottoms, Spriggan Boots