Final Fantasy XIV certainly has some exciting matches

  • Final Fantasy always has some weird collocations, the most prominent being the Coleman camping supplies and the noodle cups in Final Fantasy XV. However, Final Fantasy XIV may defeat those seemingly strange product placements.

    First of all, this is very cool. Through the MMO Culture report, Australian Final Fantasy XIV fans have the opportunity to exercise their hairstyles, inspired by the collections known for their quirky hair. Australian Hair Salon Moe&Co. Partner with Square Enix to give fans a chance to win a full copy of the limited edition PlayStation 4 and Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4. According to Moe&Co. For the Facebook page, contestants only need to go to the salon and get their FFXIV inspiration hairstyle and upload a selfie using the hashtag #moeandcopeople.

    In China, fans are paying tribute to KFC for the Fat Black Chocobo mount. This mount cannot be purchased with FFXIV Gil, so players can only get it this way. And the approach is simple, really: you need to buy and eat four-family transactions.  Before the staff gives you the code, you must eat everything to prove that you have finished eating the whole meal.

    Thanks to Redditor u / CozyWolf, we know what this meal is for everyone:

        1 double chicken burger
        1 vegetarian mushroom burger
        1 piece of 5 chicken pieces
        2 servings of original chicken
        1 2-pieces new Orland chicken wings
        1 old Beijing spicy duck roll
        2 Pepsi (large)
        2 peach oolong tea (large)

    Each of the above lists has four services, and each person must do this to get a single code.
    Many reports have comprehensively described this heinous challenge, and as the fans see it as a raid, the problem is more entertaining. And it's tempting to win the challenge with FF14 Gil and Mount. You can check the look of the meal so you can decide if you want to take it here.