The raid is geared towards small group of players

  • Besides Old School Mobile and Dragon Slayer II, another important update in 2018 will be the OSRS Raid 2: Theatre of Blood. And this vampire-themed raid awards rich loot. What else features does it have? Let’s buy RS 2007 gold(OSRS gold) first.The second OSRS raid - Theatre of BloodTheatre of Blood is scheduled to be the OSRS second raid and will be released in 2018. Located east of Meiyerditch, its theme is Vampire. In addition, the raid is geared towards small group of players - 3 to 5 persons.Features of OSRS Raid 2There are several features for the Theatre of Blood OSRS different from the first raid.

    1.It is a linear path without Randomization.2.It requires all supplies should be brought in or obtained from bosses rather than featuring skilling.3.Instead of just in the end, it grants basic loot after each room so that you don't leave empty-handed.4.Because of the wiping death system, when you die in the room, you can only respawn until your entire team die and restart the room, or your team beat the room and move to the next.5.There will be an extremely challenging boss at the end of the raid.6.All supplies used in the room won’t be refunded upon death.Possible rewards from Theatre of BloodThere are 3 kinds of rewards from Theatre of Blood as planned, including new Armor Sets with stats comparable to Barrows that gain strong effect in the raid, Vials of Blood for more powerful potions that damage you, as well as new Weapons with passive effects which charge with Blood Runes.We will keep revealing further information about OSRS Theatre of Blood and others all the time. And you can also buy RS 2007 gold here.

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