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  • Both masks fit the style of their intended media, the movie has a subtle approach and the show has its grandiose rs gold details. Comparing them is like apples and oranges, well maybe more like an apples and mangos. If I had to pick however I would go with the movie mask and here is the reason, the mask is meant to hide, to blended in, that is its purpose for the Phantom.

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    The Main CostumeOut of the few costumes the Phantom wears, he wears his main suit the most. The suit has a few layers to it, most notably his hat and cloak, which have their own section below. The suit mainly consists of a jacket, vest, shirt and pants. The Phantom wears the suit mostly with the jacket on till the finale when he takes it off.

    The movie version is more casual by comparison and that is by no means a negative, the costume has a more day time vibe. It has a few thing in common with the its musical counterpart like it's mostly dark tone and has the same velvet detail on the label. Unlike the musical, it sports an ascot and brown patterned vest. He also wears black leather gloves.

    The musical version is better though as it fit the Phantom's flair for the dramatics.The basic idea of these versions is the same, a sophisticated elegant suit but the approached is quite different. The musical opts for more of an evening dinner white tie look that is monochromatic with moire silk and velvet detailing.

    The Cloak and HatWithout a doubt the cloak is the Phantom's most dramatic article of clothing and the hat, or rather his fedora, is the most beloved part of this main costume. Karimloo's hat as featured here is not the standard fedora as it has feathers and the movie does not feature a hat at all. So for the hat, the musical wins by default.

    The cloak isn't that much different between the versions, as they have the same basic shape with a similar labels. Though it looks like the movie version is made with a thicker fabric. As is standard with the musical, the musical has more details to its cloak as it has beaded embroidery on the front.

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