PlayDiablo4 - Fan buys domain referring to Path of Exile just t

  • On December 7, the next big patch will be 3.5.0. In the same month you want to also publish the game on the Playstation 4. Starting next week, you can also create private leagues and play only with your friends without interacting with or seeing other players.

    The exact contents of update 3.5.0 the developer wants to announce next week. So far we only know that it should be a bit bigger POE Currency than the last additions Bestiary, Incursion and Delve.

    What's wrong with Diablo: Immortal?

    Our colleague Maurice Weber was at the Blizzcon on site and saw the Diablo live. The mobile title does not necessarily have to be a bad game, but it's just not what the fans are waiting for. The event around Diablo to build this game disappointed most hardcore fans. And it is precisely these who take the journey to a trade fair like Blizzcon.

    Since the announcement, new information has been constantly appearing around Diablo: Immortal, but also Diablo 4. The first, many a reproach, is just a reskin of a previous project by developer Netease. If you want to Buy POE Items, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH.