After an unexplained catastrophe, huge portals have surfaced in

  • We were capable of gain an insight into your existence of a soul worker at Gamescom 2017 and share with you our experiences here.

    With? Soulworker? Publisher Gameforge showed a SoulWorker Dzenai free-to-play MMORPG as of this year's Gamescom, which has already been enjoying great popularity in Asia. Interestingly, the action is completely anime-style. In addition to a single and 4-player co-op mode, the experience still comes with a PvP Arena mode and Housing.

    What's the issue?

    After an unexplained catastrophe, huge portals have surfaced in the entire world, broadcasting demons along with monsters into the an entire world of crowds of people. Some with the chosen ingested the fate to become dragged over the portals to the world in the demons. They returned for the human world with superhuman strength and became so-called "soulworkers". Their job is always to save the planet.
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    The agony of choice

    Soulum Sword, Gun Jazz, Myst Scythe, and Howling Guitar - these may be divided into Ranged, Melee, and Support characters exactly like classic MMOs. The trick: every class includes a certain emotion, like revenge, grief, madness or pleasure. The emotions are noticeable inside the behavior and also the abilities from the characters.

    Gun jazzend throughout the dungeon

    We prefered gun jazz (the ranged fighter) and gone to live in a kind of base with 3 other players within a of over 100 dungeons. Already at the start one notices how the gameplay is ideal for action. At the beginning we're able to get somewhat insight into your skill and crafting system. By stringing together the skills inside skill tree, it is quite possible to develop your own personal skill combo. With the help of different abilities and mutual support, we quickly reached the tip and killed the boss, who certainly left us lots of loot.


    Optically convinced? Soulworker? through its anime look plus the beautiful animated characters. However, the cell-shading look just isn't for everyone. The cities we're able to look at were distinctive. During one among a big city resembled, the opposite was settled inside a desolate desert. The story is told besides text-based content through anime cutscenes through the 100 dungeons. From gameplay, the experience is designed for action-packed fights while offering enough fun for players they like short game sessions. and with all the many customization possibilities on the characters there's something for every anime fan. Unfortunately, during our short game session, we had been not capable to work intensively while using skill and crafting system. However, these ought to be very extensive. Whether? Soulworker? extended in our climes Fu? will still be capable of show.

    The game will commence in late 2017 in Europe inside beta phase all of which will then can be found in early 2018 via Steam for PC. MMOAH is the top platform of in-game service all around the world. All clients can buy your satisfied SW Dzenai from MMOAH with cheapest price.