Soulworker isn't going to play from the medieval fantasy world

  • With Soulworker, another Asian MMO is coming towards the Western market, with publisher Gameforge announcing the western release to the post-apocalyptic anime MMO.

    2016 might be a party for most people fans of Asian MMOs along together with the associated anime look. Because after Blade & Soul along with the recently announced Bless Soulworker fresh from Korea for the Western Mark should appear. Responsible using the localization shall be the well-known publisher Gameforge, who's already released games like TERA or Aion from the West

    Unlike, for example, Blade and Soul or Black Desert Online, Soulworker isn't going to play SoulWorker Dzenai from the medieval fantasy world, but inside post-apocalypse, where humanity is beset coming from all sides. Therefore, it will need heroes have such crazy titles as "Soulum Sword", "Mist Scythe", "Gun Jazz" or "Howling Guitar".

    Eat my guitar!

    Especially the guitar-swinging Howling Guitar should certainly be especially cool, mainly because this hero has with hard guitar riffs both buffs and attacks out. So a realistic "Guitar Warrior". In general, Soulworker's combat system becomes action-heavy, effective and dynamic. The heroes can also increase their abilities through emotions one of them is grief, euphoria or madness, unlocking new abilities.

    The game itself comes which includes a chic cell-shading look and therefore really looks just similar to a playable anime. The plot really should be quite detailed as well as be told in cutscenes and also set dialogues. In addition, roughly 100 PvE areas, through which also major parts together while using story are discussed. But also PvP areas and Housing will less likely be missing.

    Unfortunately there isn't any release date for Soulworker from Gameforge yet, however the publisher is looking forward Soul Worker Dzenai across the day while using the release.