SoulWorker - a beta action RPG has become launched

  • The Korean Lion Games studio and Gameforge company have launched open SoulWorker Dzenai tests SoulWorker, or MMORPG, where the action is dependant on fighting with all the current help of an arcade system harking returning to typical Asian slashers.

    We have fantastic news for players expecting MMORPG SoulWorker. Steam just launched a beta game. The tests lasts until the total version is released, for the time being we have no clue of when exactly this might happen. Production is occurring PCs and will use a free model with micropayments. It is worth noting the project carries a cinema location, i.e. with Polish subtitles. The virtual shop available inside experience currently just has a few items and they are generally all available free from charge, because the authors ought to check the operation inside appropriate mechanics first. People who requires part inside tests could possibly get a few gadgets and trinkets. Developers warn that previous to release on the full version, they can have to reset all servers and accounts, nonetheless it will incorporate Soul Worker Dzenai progress within the action, not rewards.