That's it! It's rather simple to Maple M Mesos

  • That's it! It's rather simple to level in MapleStory 2. There are, of Maple M Mesos course, other techniques to boost yourself. For example, if your primary contains Rank 4 Cooking, Pine Mushroom Stew provides 50 percent EXP boost for 2-hours. But, we're going for the easiest methods. So it's really just -- do your most important quests afterward auto-ticket life skill that your way to 60. Personally, from 50 to 60, I made my Priest to crush songs (auto-perform) to get 6-hours and once I woke up, it was 60.MapleStory 2 conquers the Skies and introduces new Soul Binder class

    MapleStory two, the top MMORPG on Nexon Launcher and Steam, brings a whole lot of additions, including the much expected Soul Binder class, a new game place (the Sky Fortress), a PvP style, and much more.

    The newest Soul Binder category of the game is a magic mix of damage traders and traders who learn historical spells deep within the mysterious Halo Mountains. While their magical abilities are still unpolished, players should try to tap to the catastrophic possible inside.

    Together with the Sky Fortress, the warship from the atmosphere, which mmogdp was called skies fortress, also a new play area was created. With the new location, the heroic narrative continues with new missions imposed on players from the five constructed factions, such as the Royal Guard's honorable musicians, the representatives of Black Breeze, and also the spiritual wizards of their lumi-nights.